About Riserfall

Riserfall, a 4-piece band based in Ireland, are the culmination of the legacy left behind by the grunge era and modern, innovative rock and metal. With a plethora of diverse influences that helped shape their sound (from Pearl Jam to Tool, Alter Bridge to Foo Fighters, amongst many others) one can hear that this band does not shy away from this melting pot of inspiration, and instead embraces it as the cornerstone of their own mission and musical statement.

Not content with following trends Riserfall set out to craft their own unique blend of rock and metal from atop the shoulders of these giants.

After spending the last two years tearing up every stage that would have them up and down the country, honing their stage craft alongside some of the finest rock and metal bands the country has to offer, the band are ready to take on new venues and stages further afield in the new year.

Daniel O’hEidhin fronts the group, bringing with him his lifetime of experience as a musician, all the highs and lows, years of obsessive playing and composition that have conditioned the frontman to bring his own vocal and instrumental talents (strings and keys) to the Riserfall fold and their high energy, stadium rock sound. 

Neel Thakur is the bedrock and heartbeat of this group, on which all the layers of composition comfortably rest. His trademark grooves hold the entire fabric of the songs together, wrapping the melodies with an educated love for varying time signatures while still delivering that powerful smash-mouth delivery. 

Ciaran Hurd nestles himself in between the melody and the groove, building the bridge between the melody and the percussion. His innate ability, based on countless musical projects and performances over the years, is finely tuned to add extra colour and texture to even the most blistering rhythmic sections.

New recruit Dan O’Connor rounds out the lineup, and puts the finishing touches on the aural onslaught of the band. With blistering leads and frenetic energy in his playing, he brings an urgency to the mix, which compliments the melodic quality of Riserfall’s songs. Bringing with him years of experience as a lead guitarist in multiple genres his addition has elevated their performance to a new level.

Currently the band are recording and set to release new material, culminating in an EP launch show slotted for early next year in the Dublin.

They have emerged fully formed, with their varying influences distilled into a unique and powerful sound of their own. - Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review